Micro Cleaning Services (MCS) is a process carried out by our team to eradicate bacterial, viral, mold spores and dust particles. Micro level cleaning delivers our customers and their staffs a safer environment to inhabit and work. Oxyclean’s micro level cleaning of postnatal spaces assures a secured environment for your new born. Our clean environment services reduce, eradicate and remove germs within your home, office, industries that makes you, your family or employees sick. Improving the quality of indoor environment through sterilizing and disinfecting is our priority. Don’t just look clean, feel clean.

At Oxyclean, our services are limitless. We persistently work on bettering our customer’s livelihood. Here are some of the significant services we offer in enhancing lives

  • waterproofing
  • housekeeping,
  • solar consultation for business,
  • deep cleaning services etc.

Oxyclean for industries and business

Industries and businesses can be categorized into many. When it comes to pest management and cleaning, every industryand business has its own challenges to overcome. We at Oxyclean prioritize in keeping your commercial space pest-free, contaminants free and pathogen less aiming to improve workplace hygiene. We know how much each commercial space, its employees and customers contribute to the county’s economy and development hence improving the quality of human lives.

Oxyclean specializes in providing the best service and management of pests and microbial contaminants through an in-depth inspection of your commercial space, the type of industry or business, challenges commonly faced by that particular place and trade.

Types Of Industries

Textile industry deals with raw materials like cotton, animal fur, leather, wool, silk and other plant fibers. Filled with plant and animal protein, this particular industry is inclined to pest infestation and microbial contamination from the beginning stage of spinning and weaving. Improper storage of fabrics also leads to severe pest invasion like rodents and termites. These pests especially insects like moths, silverfish cockroaches, and carpet beetle larvae feeds on fabric protein whilst damaging the fabrics quality as well as the health of staffs and customers.

• Insects damages quality and quantity of fabrics and yarn by eating it.

• Damages fabric based goods like leather furniture, silk accessories and expensive carpets

•Act as vectors carrying microorganisms that causes diseases in human beings

•Chemicals usage to prepare the raw materials into fabric may also harm employee’s health.

Garment factories handles fabrics and finished products. It is one of the major contributor to economy. Keeping the factory structure and products safe from pests and contaminants is crucial to a successful business of fashion.

•Rodents can destroy and damage fabrics and finished clothing product. Rodents also poses health risk to employees by contaminating the premises and products.

•Insects and flies could become a menace at work place affecting efficiency of staff members. Insects like flies and mosquitoes are carriers of contagious disease causing pathogens. Other type of insects like beetles, bugs, moths’ etc. damages clothing products by eating the yarns and thread.

•Birds can damage building structure, roof, blocks ventilation and cause unrepairable damage to expensive machineries and properties.

• Exclusion of pests by sealing possible entry points.

Benefits of pest control services and micro cleaning

•Customized cleaning program that fits unique needs of the garment factory

•A cleaner place enhances the image and brand of garment business, creating a positive work place for employees thus improving efficiency and productivity.

•Lowers maintenance cost by safeguarding fabrics and finished products from pests and other contaminants

• Micro level cleaning of high touch points reduces contamination level in work environment killing germs.

•Creates a safer and healthy environment for staffs, vendors, customers and the community.

Meditation centers are places where people as group practice relaxation techniques in persuasion of inner tranquility. Mediation could be exercised indoor or outdoor. It need to be clean, serene and possess minimal disturbance.

• Pest Infestation causes considerable distress to those who meditate
• Pose threat to health and hygiene of staffs and customers
• A place where people from all walk of life meet, cross contamination is common
• Contamination of air by communicable pathogens like flu and inflammation (deep inhaling and exhaling of air is the basic technique for relaxation)
• Pest and microbes in the building leads to bad smelling bathrooms and resting areas

• Creates a positive image of the mediation centre among people who practice mediation attracting even more people.
•Micro level cleaning helps in lessening health risk concerns by reducing and killing germs in the environment.
•Cleaner, odourless, better smelling bathrooms and germ free floors
• Exclusion of pests reduces health issues and protects tranquility of the centre
• Higher Efficiency Air filtration method purifies the air reducing any airborne contagions
• Significantly eliminates allergens, molds, fungus and other gems in the environment

Wish your diners visits your restaurant again and again? Keep it ALL CLEAN with OXYCLEAN or you keep wishing!!

Restaurants have not only become a place of gratifying hunger pangs but also a place of social gathering. Restaurants that runs successfully retains a clean environment following stringent cleaning methods, maintaining the same standard throughout. When a hungry diner walks in, one look at the restaurant and its surrounding is enough to decide whether to dine in or not. Restaurants that follows substandard cleaning methods are prone to pests and pathogens invasion.

• Kitchen– The most important area in a restaurant that needs regular cleaning. Many staffs have access to kitchen which increases potential contamination in and out of the area. Germs flourish and multiply where food is abundant. Kitchen is the heart of a restaurant which requires regular sanitization, effective cleaning technique, products and safety measures to kill germs reducing possible contaminants.
Kitchen floor is constantly opened to accidental food and liquid spillage inviting unwanted visitors like pests and microorganisms. Employees may even slip and fall due to food, liquid spilled floors.
All the equipment used for cooking and dining like food processors, machineries, knives, cutting boards, stoves, grills, utensils etc. if not sanitized using the right product may pose mortal health risks to employees and patrons alike.
Some of the common microbes that can contaminate food and cause morbid health conditions are
Hapatitis A, Staphylococcus .A, E.Coli and coliform bacteria. Inadequately stored food may also harvest fungus causing many illnesses when consumed.
Dining Area – Vital region that a customer first walks in to. It must be kept clean and organized at all times to maintain overall appearance of the establishment. Dirty furnitures, crawling pests, cluttered crockeries, food and liquid spilled untidy floor all poses danger to hygiene. Wet floor may result in serious injuries to the customer and staffs alike.
Bathroom –Untidy, stinky, stained and wet bathroom is not a good sign of fine or hygienic dining. It leaves the customer with negative opinion about the establishment itself. Pests like rodents, cockroaches and other bugs are ghastly sight for a customer.
Furniture and upholsteries – Dusty, dirty, messy furniture, table clothes, curtains and window shades increases air borne contaminants leading to respiratory ailments.

• Oxyclean pests control and micro level cleaning services helps to
Maintain clean and hygienic environment by exclusion of pest, making it less attractive to pests that scavenge for food.
Improve health and safety of staffs and customers.
•Effective cleaning sanitary products from Oxyclean ensures safe food handling that meets restaurant health sanitation standards minimizing contaminants.
• Oxyclean’s skilled staff are well aware of controlled water and chemical use that prevents damage to expensive food making equipments.
•Proper techniques of cleaning floors using sterilizers, sanitizers and disinfectants using appropriate  instruments in every aspect of the facility by Oxyclean reduces cross contamination safeguarding staffs and patrons health.
•Regular disinfection of high touch areas like counter tops, table, chairs, refrigerators, cutting boards, knives, menus and condiment bottles, storage boxes and tins maintains overall appearance of the restaurant
•Yes! A clean, pleasant smelling bathroom influences a customer positively elevating Restaurants reputation.
Reputation of a good Restaurant travels faster by Word of mouth.
Got to keep it neat with Oxyclean!

Hospitality industry includes hotels, resorts, guest houses, serviced apartments, hostels, lodging facilities etc. In hospitality industry FIRST IMPRESSION counts. Visibly cleaner, neatly arranged space garners a strong positive first impression. Any traveller boarding such facility expects a relaxing, fun, pleasant experience. The decision to stay or leave depends on ambience and service provided.
A strong focus on dealing and solving pest related issues is a must in this industry. Unlike any other commercial businesses hospitality industry never closes. People always keep walking in and out which makes scheduling a comprehensive pest and micro pest cleaning challenging. Leave it to us!!

Common pest problems, health risks associated
•Rodents, cockroaches, Mosquitoes, ants, bedbugs crawling around living space is not only ghastly sighting for residents, it could cause threatening illnesses. Getting affected with pest related illness is the last thing to expect.
•Pests bodily fluids, excrement, fur are carriers of germs like bacteria and virus. Any infection through cross contamination is a risk this business cannot take.
•Fungal, Bacterial and Viral infections can cause mild cough to fatal conditions like influenza and salmonella. Any outbreak can cause health risk to occupants and employees leading to litigation and loss of revenue.
•Bird droppings are acidic that can damage the walls, paint, floor, benches, building accessories and vehicles around the premises.
• Any sighting of pests around lobby, restaurant, guest rooms, kitchen, swimming pool, common areas potentially damages reputation that took years to achieve.
•Irreversible damage to premises and its contents – chewed cables, linens, euipments, spoiled sterile food packing.

• Preplanned cleaning schedules at your convenience allows our skilled professionals at Oxyclean to plan and execute cleaning in an effective manner. Not to interfere with the busy schedule of 24/7 business hours of hospitality industry.
•Thorough cleaning of premises and all facilities within the premises with commercial grade germicides and pesticides ensuring a healthy germ free, pest free environment.
• Cleaning with right equipment like microfiber towels/mops, wet/dry vacuum, encapsulators reduces cross contamination, stop germs from multiplying and spreading.
• Our cleaning program eliminates, kills, prevent and protect your business from potentially harmful pests of all kinds creating cleaner healthier working environment and happy customers.
• Cleaner business properties attracts only good reviews. Good reviews means more satisfied customers. More revenue.

F- Facilitating 
A –Advanced 
I – Innovative
T – Techniques towards 
H – Health and Hygiene 

Quit wasting your time in searching multiple service providers. Oxyclean assures you the best of service in dealing with all your Pest related cleaning worries, waterproofing and solar panel installation.

Healthcare facilities
Pest control management in Health care facilities requires a Sensitive and scientific approach i.e. simply using a pesticide/germicide will not solve underlying problems. A comprehensive study about the nature of health service provided, its premises, types of pests problem, level of impact, causes behind pest invasion, usage of appropriate method, the type and amount of pesticide to be used, possible side effects on immediate environment and living organisms is to be taken into consideration. Any harm to patients or staffs to be studied and addressed before initiation of service.
Healthcare facilities are establishments that serves to promote health, Prevent illnesses, treats ailments and facilitate a hygienic living. Hospitals, clinics, Nursing homes, medical testing laboratories, wellness and physiotherapy centers, Diagnosis centers etc. are few examples of health care institutions. A place where people come to treat, prevent or protect themselves from a number of physical, mental conditions. Pest problems in hospital premises must be taken seriously as pests can spread germs that is fatal to patients. Rodents and termites not only damages building structure and expensive medical equipment but also carries deadly bacteria and virus detrimental to staffs and patients health.

Problematic pests found in healthcare, mode of pest access and health risks associated
Rodents, Cockroaches, Ants , Flies, Mosquitos and Bed bugs are commonly found in healthcare premises that can cause serious infections. Pests are carriers /vectors of pathogenic microorganisms in their body. Patients can be infected directly or indirectly through coming in contact with infected person or contaminated equipments or supplies.
Rodents and cockroaches avail access from drainage system to insulation ceiling through connected pipelines. Easy access makes these pests to be the most dangerous as they can carry deadly cocktail of germs all over the facility. Majority of pests access the facility from immediate surroundings that is also present within structure. . Weather conditions also influences the rate of pest infestation indoor and outdoor. Another way pests are brought inside premises is through visitors and staffs clothing, food delivery, flowers, equipment and medical supplies delivery boxes etc. Poor maintenance of plumbing, waste management, bio waste disposal, methods of cleaning all facilitates pest invasion.


  • Exclusion of pest entry points –  Pest-free health care facility defend and protect its staffs and patients from contamination through pests. Happy, healthy staffs and patients; pristine reputation of your facility Healthcare seekers trust your organization with their life!
  • A complete inspection of building structure (walls, floor, ventilation, pipelines etc), infrastructure of different areas in premises, maintenance schedules, waste management by our skilled professionals enable them to execute a suitable pest control and micro cleaning program. So your business need not suffer any physical damage.
  • Considerable reduction in epidemics after every successful, continuous pest control management and micro level cleaning. Your healthcare service is, free of occupational hazards, regular staffs, and successful treatment of patients.
  • A clean germfree, dust-free environment deals with any health risk faced much better than an unclean place. Any cross contamination that results in outbreak at your healthcare may lead to lawsuit against the facility. With our supportive service you need not fear!
  • Oxyclean’s Integrated Pest Management educates and train pest control staffs about pest biology (anatomy &physiology) and behavior. This is knowledge is effectively used against pests to control, eliminate and prevent pests from the facility without posing health risks to people.
  • Our constant monitoring program helps in gaining insight about pest activities, specific area where pest invasion is more and act immediately. This helps your facility to function uninterrupted by any means.
  • Let go off your worries about cleaning to Oxyclean! We help you serve better!