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Fire And Safety

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About Us

We OXYCLEAN always believe “Prevention is better than cure” with this immense thought we have stepped in launching “Fire and safety products”. OXYCLEAN provides world-class security and allied service in fire prevention with 10 years of experience. We provide the best quality service and products to customers we also give importance to retaining our customers. In order to protect and avoid huge loss, we came up with this lifesaver idea.

Our life is uncertain with unpredictable days and nights being aware of today can lead you to better tomorrow. Folks, it’s necessary to know about the intensity of fire, you can’t take it as simple as you think. Cause of fire can be natural, human-made or by some technical fault.

Combustion of fire can occur naturally, as we all know there is an increasing global warming threat day to day which reflects in climate change. Combustion occurs through humans for their careless actions. Combustion also happens through electrical outlets. Though it’s properly set everywhere sometimes it happens beyond our knowledge. The Outbreak of fire will be tremendous and sometimes unstoppable so it’s time to Enact smart and make all required precautions.

To protect us from greater hazard, it is mandatory to have Fire safety equipment in School, College, Workplace, theatres, Houses, Hotels, Hospitals, Apartments, Malls and public places.

Need Of Having Fire Safety Equipment

“Be aware of the cause and effect of fire today or else it will consume us tomorrow” The impact of fire is huge and unimaginable it not only bring damage to buildings, also cause threat to all living creature sometimes fire release toxic gas into atmosphere if people around inhale those toxic air they fall sick and even loss of life happens. When we are well prepared we can avoid such a situation from a greater loss of lives and properties. For this, it is mandatory to have fire safety equipment fixed in all needed places.

Do not panic or rush when you have properly sculpted with all safety equipment and you need not wait for someone to come and sort the fire out since fire is a chemical reaction it spread all over but with latest technologies and invention we can detect the cause of fire at the first stoke. Once your environment is safely equipped with all the fire safety equipment you are predominantly into a safe zone.

Our Products

  • Fire Licence
  • Fire Drills
  • Fire Detection Alarm System
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Balls
  • Installation and Service
  • Fire Suppression
  • AMC & One Time
  • Fire Safety Equipments – Safety Shoes and Gloves

Our Service And Training

Service : We have our technicians, they are in charge of maintaining the equipment. After observation, we submit our report about equipment refilling, spares, next service. We provide soul responsibility service to customers.

Training : We also provide training in

  • Live demo in handling the fire safety equipment during the emergency
  • Training to individual/company staff in handling equipment
  • Do’s and don’t’s during the fire
  • Evacuation procedure. We felt Awareness should be strongly injected in people’s mind because the cause of fire accidents is increasing. Rather panicking, rushing and pushing down, take initiative in sorting out the problem and with safe replacement.