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About Oxyclean

Welcome to Oxyclean, the clean environment service provider.

Our broad spectrum cleaning services treat, manage and monitor all destructive clean and safe problems.

We promise our customers nothing but the best. We strongly believe in protecting our clients businesses and home from any health risks, gifting our customers the goodness of healthy living. When consistency, efficiency and quality become your priority leave it to the professionals at Oxyclean.

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Clear Pricing

Say goodbye to inflated bills–Oxyclean offers transparent pricing upfront. Once we’ve inspected your home or business, we’ll give you a clear price that reflects the custom treatment required to eliminate your pests, germs, hygiene, or safety services from Oxyclean.

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Professional Solutions

Oxyclean Services determines how, why, and when not to solve the problem but to address the root cause. Our inspection, identification, and exclusion techniques help to prevent future problems.

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Periodic Visits

Oxyclean Services periodic check-up and service visits give you the ultimate peace of mind, year-round because we feel you deserve a clean environment partner that’s committed to keeping your place clean and safe.

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Safety First

oxyclean uses environmentally responsible products that are both safe and effective. Our Master Technicians use a proactive approach called integrated facility services (IFS) to give healthy premises.

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Germ cleaning service in Chennai

Oxyclean service provide a professional germ cleaning services in Chennai, which cleans the germ perfectly and keep you safe and healthy

Virus cleaning in Chennai

Oxyclean service provide a professional virus cleaning services in Chennai, which cleans virus which are settled in the surface perfectly and keep you safe and healthy

Corona virus cleaning

Oxyclean service can keep you safe against corona virus by our very innovative ideas and products like hand sanitizers , floor disinfect and many more


Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to important questions on Pest Control Services in India

What is pest?

Any living organism that is harmful to human health, food, property and has a nuisance value is called pest

What is pest management?

Complete eradication of a pest is not possible and is not a viable option. Therefore pest management is conducted which means application of options to reduce pest numbers to an acceptable level by use of various strategies in systematic way.

What is sterilization?

The process known as sterilization refers to the process in which all living cells, spores, and viruses are completely destroyed or removed from an object or environment. Once something is sterilized, it will remain sterile if properly sealed. Sterilization is performed on surgical equipment, needles, and certain lab equipment in order to prevent the spread of microorganisms. Methods used to sterilize objects involve the use of heat, radiation, filtration, and/or chemical means. Autoclaves are devices which use hot steam under high pressure to sterilze objects. Sterilization is an extreme level of cleanliness that is usually not required outside of a medical, industrial, or laboratory environment. In everyday environments, disinfection of objects is considered a more practical option.

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