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what is a pest?

 what is a pest?

Any living organism which disturbs a human’s day-to-day life is called a pest. Pest does not mean insects alone but on a serious note more than anything, insects are being the biggest pest and that make people sick (EX – Covid 19), The example is very clear even a single-cell organism can be a pest in human’s life.

so the next thing in our mind is, what can we do to avoid pests (insects)?

simple, being cleaning and keeping clean is the million-dollar answer.

Yes, that is the only way to avoid pests.

Keep your home clean, your office clean to maintain a disease-free space.

when people call us and ask the same about cleaning, we always say being clean is not the matter but being consciously clean of your space matters.

Identify the dark space in your home or workplace, Ex – under the sofa’s, under the wardrobes, under the table, closed modular, etc,.

Be clean, Be safe #Pest_control #Pest #oxyclean #Pest_control_chennai


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