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Termite Control

Termites the “silent destroyer”

Termites are worst and most destructive pests. With oxycleananti-termite treatment services, your properties will never fall prey to endless problems. Termites damage buildings from within and can remain undetected for ages. Termites consume cellulose based plant materials. Almost all buildings, regardless of construction type, can cater cellulose food for termite colonies to thrive.

We deliver most reliable termite control treatment in Chennaifor your business and home. Customized termite treatment programs are created based on location and construction of your property as well as the degree of termite infestation.

Oxyclean- Termite control treatments

Liquid Termite Treatment

Liquid pesticide (termiticide) reduces termites immediately and protects properties from future invasion. The liquid is brushed, sprayed or injected forming a protective area inside and surrounding areas of the building.

Termite baiting systems

Termite monitoring systems are placed at suspected locations. Once activity is detected the areas are replaced with edible baits made of termite’s favourite food-cellulose. Termites ingest and cater it among other termites, helping to control pest population.

Liquid and edible baiting is most effective in reduction of subterranean termites.

Structural Fumigation

n Fumigation, a fumigant is released as smoke throughout out the building covering all cracks and crevices. Termites breathing fumigant perishes by lack of oxygen.

Fumigation is effective in treating drywood termites that thrives on wood damaging any wooden structure they come across.
We support our customers in safeguarding properties from termites with our pre-construction and post construction termite control treatment in Chennai. We make sure that your effort and time invested in construction maintenance of your valuable assets does not go in vain.